Coachella Camping List


1With Coachella just around the corner, it’s time to start packing up your camping and festival items! Lucky for you I put together a packing list to help you organize and prepare for the event. Click the link below to view or download this list of essential items: Coachella Packing List

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See you there!

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*~ Featured Story~* My First EDM Experience… I Partied With Skrillex


A couple years ago, my friend and coworker, and frequent collaborator @tucknasty asked if I wanted to go with him on a road trip to Reno with him for my first EDM experience. I told him I was down and we rented our hotels and got our gear ready. He took me to go see Skrillex and Porter Robinson at The Knitting Factory. When we went, we made our way to the top floor and proceeded to have the time of our lives. Everybody was friendly and full of live and positive PLUR vibes. About halfway through the Skrillex set, I saw security escorting a member of my team out because he was throwing water. I knew how much the party meant to @tucknasty so I left with my other friend so he didn’t have to be alone, and @tucknasty could stay. My friend (who clearly did waaaay too much Molly) wandered off and I went back to my hotel room. I was a little disappointed but I had a great experience. After the concert @tucknasty called me and told me to meet him at a bar called Würk for some post rave drinks.

As soon as I get there, Skrillex, Porter Robinson, and Zeds Dead all walked in with their entourage! I approached Skrillex and let him know how awesome I thought his show was and offered to buy him a drink. He then tells me that he won 20 grand $$$ playing at the tables and proceeded to buy me and my whole team drinks. He bought our drinks for the whole night and treated all of us like we were long lost friends. We laughed, told jokes, danced and deejayed the whole night away.


I didn’t even really know who these guys really were at the time, so I wasn’t all that star struck. My friend at this point is completely losing his shit and is calling everyone he knows yelling “You won’t believe who just bought me a fucking drink bro?”

I had such an awesome time and let Skirllex know that he has a fan for life! I remember driving home like, “I think this Skrillex guy is going to be successful. He’s cool and should make it big one if these days.”

He won a Grammy the next week and everyone just let me know what a big deal this guy really is. He showed no ego. Just love for the people who bought tickets to see him work his magic. I’ve been hooked on EDM since.

This was my first EDM experience…


03/06/13 – Submitted by: Malik516

Swedish House Mafia and the Ultimate Visually Enhanced Experience…


shm 1Last weekend I had the privilege to attend one of Swedish House Mafia’s shows at the Bill Graham Civic Center – and of course it was one of the most beautifully insane shows I’ve been to. Swedish House Mafia never ceases to fail me – I’ve been fortunate to have seen them a few times: EDC Las Vegas 2011, Coachella 2012, and now during their One Last Tour 2013.

They always throw the best parties and have the highest quality production. The timing of their lights and lasers are always on point with the beat and they bring elements of surprises throughout the entire show: balloon drops, confetti rain, CO2 cannon blasts, fire, and even fireworks are incorporated throughout their performance – regardless if their set is indoors or outdoors…


In preparation for the last show of SHM I was about to experience, I quickly packed my rave fanny-pack full of kandi’s, breathe mints, earplugs, and a couple pairs of rave sunglasses. I brought my sentimental pink rave glasses – (I’ve worn these shades at every EDM show since my first massive in 2011), and I brought my new diffraction glasses from Eye Love Shadez . To be honest, I never was a big fan of the diffraction glasses – mostly because I just never seemed to see anything other than the kaleidoscope of mini rainbows – but this night, I finally experienced how crazy diffraction glasses can be!

I know some of you are thinking, “Why would you need diffraction glasses at an SHM show? Their lasers and lights are enough without the enhancement of hundreds of rainbows…” For those of you thinking this, I’m going to guess you haven’t experienced a good pair of diffraction lenses – or if you have, you likely didn’t wear them long enough to get the full effect of them. I decided to put on my Eye Love Shadez 3D Rainbowz diffraction glasses during a slower part of SHM’s show since there wasn’t much light action going on and I figured I’d give diffraction lenses another try… and I’m so glad I did!

At first I saw the many rainbows and thought “oh that’s nice and mellow,” then I waited and let my eyes adjust to the lenses a little more, and suddenly – the entire room changed. I was able to see through the rainbows for once and was able to identify the silhouettes of the crowd around me. I couldn’t believe it – everyone was dancing in this kaleidoscope sea of colors as brightness radiated from the stage, and it felt like I had been transported to this other realm at the show. LOL – just for the record – I was sober at this event because I wanted to remember every bit of SHM’s last show – so I was pleasantly surprised that these glasses naturally enhanced my experience just by looking through a different type of lens.


These glasses are reasonably priced, well-made, and Eye Love Shadez lets you customize your frames and lenses – totally cool right?!? You’ll definitely want to bring a pair of these to your next show for the ultimate enhanced visual experience!

Visit and use the discount code: EYELOVE to save 15% off all orders!


A rave family isn’t the one you were born into, but rather the family that chose you…


When I first was invited to EDC 2011, I had no idea I was going as the foster child of an already well established rave family. As I watched the dynamics of their family, I quickly learned what worked well within their “Kandi Klan” and which roles could use some improvement. A rave family isn’t one you were born into, but rather the family that chose you…

… First you need the Mother Hen or Papa Bear. This person is the caretaker of the group, taking responsibility for planning the logistics of getting to the festival, coordinating travel / hotel arrangements, reminding the group to purchase their tickets during pre-sale… etc.  This is the most stressful role within the rave family by far!

Now the rest of these roles aren’t in any particular order of importance, because they’re all important to have in your family:

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My First EDM Experience is Really a Love Story…

It all began when I moved out to Tahoe for college in the fall of 2010. Before my start of college the only previous electronic music I had heard was techno music that was played during the late hours of the night on my local radio station.  Upon my arrival to college, I was quickly attracted to this beautiful girl – yet not for her looks, but rather this aura of pure happiness and love that seemed to surround her. As she and I began to spend time together exploring the wonders of Tahoe, she introduced me to the world of EDM. She was absolutely in love with the music specifically dubstep; it was infused with her life in every way possible.

We spent almost every weekend together during the first semester. She would go rock climbing during the days while I would skate or snowboard. During the afternoons we would go out and explore the wonders Lake Tahoe had to offer. We would always end the nights by getting intimate with bottle of wine, a good soak in the hot tub… and the type of sex you just don’t talk about – all while listening to EDM. It wasn’t long till her musical interests became my own.  Before I knew it, I had more electronic music in my library then my previous genres. I even tried to be a cool kid and mix my own electronic music by mixing my favorite drops with some of my old favorite artists.

On one of are dates we ventured down to Reno to see Pretty Lights play a live set. Upon arrival she pulled a tiny bag filled with pink powder out of her purse and then preceded to rub it on her gums.  Continue reading

Im NEVER. EVER. Going Back… EDM Saved My Life

Before EDM, there was this kid… He was depressed out of his mind. He has a broken family who doesn’t want him. He’s been sent to child protective services seval times. He’s also been sent to a mental hospital for attempted suicide several times. He had no friends. He was that awkward kid no one likes to talk to. He thought no one would miss him if he left this earth. Then after that he turned to drugs. Pills, Pills, Pills, vodka and weed, his new bestfriends. He gets a couple of “friends” that wanna hangout and do drugs…

So tell me – how does a guy who would cut himself and thought he had nothing to live for… How does he get saved? Rehab? Mental hospital again???
How about one night he goes to this thing that changes his life. Changes it forever… One of those “friends” took him to a rave.
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Kandi rained to the sounds of Showtek


By far the coolest most surreal experience at an EDM event I’ve had so far was at Audiotistic 2011 in San Bernardino, CA. Anybody who has been to an Insomniac event already knows - if you’re going to one of their events, you’re in for a treat! I happen to be a photographer and along with enjoying the music and environment of these amazing shows comes along with the responsibility of being on stage in certain moments and doing a job. It was about 1:30 AM and Showteks’ MC asks the crowd if anybody has a piece of kandi for him, a few people start throwing their home made art up on stage for the love of EDM. I just stand there on stage doing my job smiling, then a few more people start throwing theirs, then a few more…. within 1 minute of him asking, I was standing on stage in front of 5,000 people with thousands of pieces of kandi raining down on me and Showtek, while dancing to their hardstyle tunes.

It’s moments like those that you just know something incredibly special is happening, and it’s moments like those, that don’t happen many times in life.

01/30/13 – Submitted by: DDunn